Welcome to the Crop Nutrition Wiki

Welcome to the Crop Nutrition Wiki

This "crop nutrition wiki" was created upon the recommendation of the International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA) Task Force on Effective Last-Mile Delivery, to put online crop and site specific Fertilizer Best Management Practices which can be easily accessed and updated regularly.

We welcome your edits and inputs/contribution of updated, relevant information and pictures on crop nutritient deficiencies and fertilizer recommendations and best practices.

Purpose of the Crop Nutrition Wiki
1. To serve as a guide and database on crop- and site-specific fertilizer recommendations
2. Enhance the use of the internet and webportals to complement the hardcopies/published books and literatures to facilitate access to relevant information

Target audiences/users

1. Agricultural extension workers
2. Agro-input dealers/retailers
3. Fertilizer industry
4. Farmers and growers
5. Researchers, students and university professors

At this trial stage, the contents of this wiki will focus on three major crops: rice, maize/corn and wheat.

As we do not have enough (or practically no information) for some country/region, we encourage those who these site-specific information on crop nutrition to add their inputs.

A. General information on fertilizer and plant nutrition

B. Crop- and site-specific information

Part 1. Crop general information

Crop:Scientific name
*Biology and growth stages
*Pictures of Nutrient deficiency symptoms
a. Macronutrients: N P and K
b. Secondary nutrients: S, Ca, Mg
c. Micronutrients: B, Co, Cl, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo, Na, Si, Zn

Part 2. Site-specific information

Part 2. A.
1. Varieties planted

2. Crop density

3. Growing season

4. Cropping patterns

Part 2 B. Fertilizer Best Management Practices

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